Company presentation

New generation of cleaning products

REX HELLAS is located in the field of manufacturing liquid detergent materials with more than 20 years of consistent activity in Greece. The main advantage of the company's materials against the other materials available on the market is that they constitute economical, smart and qualitative solutions to the daily problems of cleaning spaces and installations, thus offering Customer-Consumer the best possible result at lower cost.


The most important advantage of REX HELLAS is the possibility of technical support of the customers, by specialized executives of the company who try to deal together any problems that arise during the production or use of products.


Since its founding, it has grown significantly in both the technological and the creative sectors. The company's goal is to provide customers with excellent quality through innovations and high technology services, always committed to the long-term relationship of customers, suppliers and all partners. Aims

Εταιρικά Στοιχεία

rou Dimitriou Ke Bros

Chapter: €50,000.00

Company shares: 5000 nominal value of ten euro (10.00 euro) each

Fill No.: 133837905000

15o CHLM PEO thes/Nikis-Edessis, Nea Anchialos, P.C. 570 11

Partners and admins:

Antoniou Dimitriou tou Fotiou, Anemonis Street, number. 5, with 2500 company shares

Konstantinou Dimitriou tou Fotiou, Anemonis Street, number. 5, with 2500 company shares

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